The new informed way to apply to US colleges as an international applicant


A Newly Devised Model for College Counseling Specifically for International Applicants

For too long, international applicants have paid too much and received too little. That changes now. By pooling together a team of successful undergraduate students from the U.S., our team brings to the table the most recent and relevant experiences regarding the college admissions process, especially amid today's uncertain times. Our team has applied to 75+ premiere academic institutions nationwide and received admission to numerous top colleges (including all colleges pictured above and more) for competitive majors such as CS, Finance/Economics, and Engineering, while earning merit scholarships worth up to $64,000 and being awarded selective spots in Honors/Scholars programs. Get in touch to hear of our unique strategies and proven methods that got our team and students into top schools like Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, NYU, Michigan, Harvey Mudd, Georgia Tech, and CMU.

CNBC News quantifies that college counseling prices "range from $2,500 for five hours of essay guidance to $16,000 for a summer bootcamp and significantly more for private tutoring." And, these prices are even higher for international students. 



Efficient. Personal. Unique.

At Top College Prep, our team of undergraduate student counselors believe that our solutions and services will shape the international college counseling landscape permanently. We may have just started, but we already have packaged together unique strategies, tools, and tips for international applicants at a reasonable price.

We will help applicants: 

  • make informed decisions about the process

  • finalize a list of schools that fit their profile and interests 

  • gain unique insights on what would make their application stand out

  • create a structured timeline for essays and editing sessions

  • find scholarships to drive down the sky-high international price tags.

At Top College Prep, we will help you craft your very own personal success story!

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Our mission is simple: to level the playing field between international and domestic students while providing affordable counseling services across borders. By leveraging our expertise and strategic insights, our students will be able to tackle the application process in a smart and efficient way.

Our story is fascinating:

"As a high schooler attending a rigorous and competitive school in the Bay Area, receiving admission into the top universities seemed nearly impossible. Hear about how I used unprecedented strategies to get into the University of California, Berkeley and their #1 ranked Computer Science program."

- Ishan Balakrishnan, Founder of Top College Prep




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