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6 Key Scholarship Tools Every International Applicant Should Use

Business Insider reports that international students end up paying up to three times as much in tuition and fees as U.S. residents at top tier public universities. Crucially, each year, most students from India, China, and other Asian countries end up attending public universities: Berkeley, University of Texas, University of Michigan, UIUC, UCLA, Purdue, Georgia Tech, UC San Diego, and ASU are some of the most frequently applied to universities for international applicants from Asia. 

To help drive down these costs, most international applicants seek out substantial financial aid via merit or need-based scholarships. 

Below is a list of some useful search engine tools which can help you find  scholarships which are specifically for international students applying to colleges in the US. Check them out! 

Helpful Online Tools to Find and Apply to Scholarships

Institute of International Education - IIE provides an all-inclusive database of scholarships, grants, loans, and student financial services.

Fastweb - Fastweb is another database of scholarships providing a total of 1.5 million scholarships to international applicants.

College Board - College Board’s new feature and application, “Big Future,” is one of the most holistic search engines for scholarships providing students with access to nearly 6 billion dollars worth of opportunities.

Buddy4Study - This is an optimized and personalized scholarship search tool specifically for international college applicants from India. 

International Student - Similar to all of the other sites, International Student is also an online database of scholarships resources. This tool, however, gives applicants the ability to not only find aid opportunities, but also apply for awards directly.

EducationUSA - EducationUSA is a great tool which provides an online database of many financial aid opportunities for international applicants. They also provide listings of all government-based scholarships which are a popular source of aid for international students.

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